Spiral Orb Thirteen:

Collaborative Curation: Each Other


Spiral Orb Thirteen is the third in a biennial series of collaboratively curated issues. It features work curated by writers who appeared in the second collaborative issue, Spiral Orb Ten: Stone/Scale/Shift. The Spiral Orb Ten writers were in turn curated by writers from the first collaborative issue, Spiral Orb Seven: Marks, Lines, and Lineage.


The curators of this issue are Ari Banias : Chiwan Choi : Angel Dominguez : Maricela Guerrero : Amaud Jamaul Johnson : Melanie Noel : Anjoli Roy : Eugenio Tisselli : Deborah Woodard : Aiko Yamashiro. I wish to gratefully and respectfully thank them, along with all of the curators and contributors to the Collaborative Curation series.


In deciding on the theme of this issue, I reached back to lines from Chiwan Choi’s poem “Prayer” in Spiral Orb Ten: “we act out our prayers as tableaux of silence/ remembering who we are to each other.”


In the context of Chiwan’s poem, the act of “remembering who we are to each other” is both loving and painful. The poets of Spiral Orb Thirteen have brought the theme “each other” to life in both of those modes, and in many others.     


Id like to dedicate the issue to all writers, artists, and activists working against injustice, and for each other. 


Thank you for reading this issue of Spiral Orb.


—Wendy Burk, Guest Editor, Spiral Orb Thirteen


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